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How to Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioner

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The rattling of a failing air conditioner can be an expensive sound. So, how can you extend the life of your air conditioner and get the most out of your unit before spending thousands on a new one?

Here are 9 key tips to help prolong the life of your air conditioning unit:

  1. Give it a Break. Open windows and doors on cooler days. Start by turning on ceiling fans and blocking the sun with heavy drapes on hotter days. Cooling your home in multiple ways reduces the strain on your air conditioner in the summer.
  2. Invest in a Programmable Thermostat. Working smarter, not harder, with a programmable thermostat is another way to extend your air conditioner’s lifespan. Set thermostats to automatically adjust based on the time and date so that your air conditioner only works when it’s needed.
  3. Call in an Expert. An annual tune-up can do wonders for your air conditioner. With help you can catch issues before they become serious problems and make small repairs instead of big ones. This also saves you from an emergency fix in the summer, when you might have to sweat it out waiting.
  4. Check Your Filters. Conduct monthly maintenance of your own. A dirty filter makes your air conditioner work harder while a clean filter extends your air conditioner’s lifespan.
  5. Show Your AC Some Love. Cleaning dust, leaves and other debris off of outdoor units will keep them operating efficiently and reduce the risk of breakdowns.
  6. Use Your Dryer at Night. A dryer counters your AC by putting warm air into your home. Running the dryer when it’s naturally cooler eases the burden it places on your air conditioner.
  7. Clean Your Ducts. An annual duct cleaning will remove dirt and debris in the air, improving air quality in your home and increasing your air conditioner’s efficiency.
  8. Keep Your Vents Open. Sometimes people try closing their vents to save on energy costs. At best, blocking vents is inefficient – at worst, it can severely damage your air conditioner. Keeping vents open keeps your air conditioner running smoothly.
  9. Keep Electronics Off. Electronics don’t add too much heat, but a little can add up over time. Leaving your lights and screens on for most of the day can increase the temperature of your home and, over the life of your air conditioner, add unnecessary strain to your HVAC system.

An air conditioner typically lasts 12-15 years. With these simple tips you can extend the life of your air conditioner closer to 15 years and even beyond. Contact us for more tips and advice, or to schedule a service appointment for your air conditioner today.