Carbon Monoxide Alarm

A Carbon Monoxide Alarm Protects You Before It’s Too Late

Canadians die or are seriously injured by carbon monoxide every year, and many elements that are commonly used in households contain this substance and can pose a risk. Installing a carbon monoxide alarm ensures that you’re alerted of a threat before it’s too late

Where is Carbon Monoxide Found?

Although it can pose a more dangerous risk, carbon monoxide is like poor indoor air quality: you can’t see it, but if it’s there, it’s a problem.

Carbon monoxide is present in several elements that you may use in your home every day.  These Include:

It is also present in several other substances that are commonly found in homes. A carbon monoxide alarm is the only way to know for sure when there is a threat from any of these, and is the best way to ensure you’re kept safe day and night.

A carbon monoxide alarm, or CO alarm, is much more than just a device that provides peace of mind.

Where Should I Put a Carbon Monoxide Alarm?

It’s safest to install a carbon monoxide alarm outside of primary sleeping areas and on each level of your home. Doing so will ensure maximum protection, and will help increase the chances that you and everyone else in your house are alerted of a threat, so you can get to safety in time.

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If you don’t have a carbon monoxide alarm in your home, it’s recommended you get one immediately.

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