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Should You Pay Upfront for Your Furnace or Make Monthly Payments?

Your old furnace is breaking down or costing you a fortune in monthly energy costs. If you know it is time for a new furnace, but you’re not sure if you can afford it, ComfortPlus is proud to say we have two options that can help make your new furnace a lot more affordable. We offer both a monthly payment plan and a rebate program. Which one will work for you?

New Furnace Monthly Payments

Our monthly payment plan is called CLARITY. The principles are simple. We give you a new furnace, install it, and add in a comprehensive 12-year parts and labour warranty. Plus, we provide you with regular maintenance to keep your furnace from suffering the same problems your last one did. You own the furnace from the moment it is installed, and you will be able to rely on us to service that furnace over its lifetime.

If you have an old or inefficient furnace, you’re going to start seeing savings on your monthly heating bill that will help balance out the monthly cost. Plus, if you choose an Energy Star® furnace and air conditioner we will include an Ecobee Smart Thermostat in your plan for free! This smart thermostat can save you even more money, by turning your HVAC equipment off when you leave home. It’ll warm up or cool off your home (depending on the season, of course) so that it will be comfortable by the time you open your front door.

Ultimately, our monthly payment plan is best for you if you’d prefer not to make an upfront payment. If you can make an upfront payment, then our rebate plan may be a better option.

New Furnace Rebates 

If you purchase a new furnace from us outright, we offer various rebate programs, depending on the model of furnace you choose.

The most popular furnace models that qualify for rebates are:

  • TM9V: This furnace offers great fuel efficiency, it is rated at 96 percent AFUE. It achieves this with two stage heating and a variable speed blower. Completely self-monitoring, this furnace is very durable.
  • TP9C: This furnace offers top-notch fuel efficiency at 98 percent AFUE. In fact, it has the highest efficiency on the market. It’s a great choice for those who want to lower their heating bills.

Furnace rebates are best for you if you have a larger up-front payment, but still want to save some money on the cost of your furnace. Either way, if you’re looking to enjoy savings every month then we have two options to make choosing an energy efficient furnace a reality. If you have further questions about either of these options, reach out to the experts at ComfortPlus. Our team is ready to help.