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Should I Repair or Replace My Furnace?

It’s not an easy decision to make, and it’s why so many customers come to us asking, “should I repair or replace my furnace?”

  • A single repair might save some money, but will this just be the first of many expensive repairs that keep coming?
  • A replacement won’t break down for a long time, but is it worth stretching your budget when a repair might get the job done?

We can’t tell you the best decision for your situation, unless one of our technicians is standing in your home after completing an inspection of your HVAC system, but we can give you some points to consider before we get there.

How old is your air conditioner, furnace or other system?

Different types of systems last within a range of years.

  • Air conditioners last an average of 10-12 years.
  • Heat pumps last around 10-12 years.
  • Furnaces commonly last anywhere from 15-20 years.

repair or replace my furnace

If your equipment is still reasonably youthful, a repair is probably best. If it’s within the ranges listed above, you can probably expect more repairs in the near future, and a replacement could be your smart choice.

Live in the now

Technology is always changing. It’s as true for your air conditioner or furnace as your phone.

A new furnace or air conditioner also comes with the possibility of great specials, like these.

Replacing your old equipment means you’ll get to take advantage of new features and greater efficiency.

New furnaces are quieter, and often pay for themselves in as few as 4 years by lowering your monthly expenses.

The cost of repairs

A pretty good rule with home comfort equipment is:

  • If a repair is going to cost more than 50% of the cost of a new unit, go for the new unit.

We regularly run promotions to save your family hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on a new furnace or air conditioner. Don’t overestimate the cost of a modern unit. It might be significantly more affordable than you think.

Efficiency upgrades and the size of your system

repair or replace my furnaceUpgrades to the rest of your home can affect the efficiency of your comfort system. Upgrades like:

  • New windows.
  • Denser insulation.
  • Energy saving roofing.

If you’ve made improvements to the house, you might be able to downgrade to a smaller unit that will provide better comfort at a lower operating cost.

How comfortable are you?

Do you find yourself regularly adjusting the thermostat to stay comfortable? Does your air conditioner or furnace get really noisy when it starts up? Does the air feel stuffy or damp?

Your home should be your sanctuary. A repair might be able to fix these issues, but they also have a tendency to resurface.

When it comes down to it, the only way to accurately find out if you need a repair or replacement is a home visit from one of our trained professionals. But the info above can help temper your expectations for when we arrive.

Give us a call to set up your visit today.

repair or replace my furnace