The Pros (There Are No Cons, Really) of Scheduling Regular Furnace Maintenance

You’re a responsible homeowner.

You also know that winter can be quite brutal in Hamilton, Cambridge, Brantford and surrounding areas.

So maybe you’ve been thinking about signing up for ongoing furnace maintenance from Comfort Plus ClimateCare.

If so, here’s why you should make regularly scheduled furnace care part of your regular household comfort routine.

Cut costsLower energy bills

It’s a fact: Monthly hydro costs tend to go up in winter due to increase energy usage and demand from your furnace.

However, with a WeCare Maintenance or Protection Plus Plan in your pocket, you’ll keep your furnace running smoothly and efficiently all winter long.

Just like underneath your living room couch, your furnace is a magnet for things like:

  • Dust bunnies
  • Dirt
  • Debris
  • Grime
  • Hair
  • Pet dander

Over time, these pollutants clog up your furnace’s inner workings.

As a result, it needs to work harder to generate the same amount of heat through your home. That’s extra money out of your pocket.

With regularly scheduled furnace maintenance, you can increase its efficiency by about 20%.

“Mohammed was very courteous and gave detailed explanations of the service he was providing on the furnace. He was thorough and tidy.”  – Sharon L.

Avoid unexpected and costly furnace repairs

Think about your car for a moment and what would be more preferable:

  • Hearing a tiny squeak in your brakes and having them quickly serviced?
  • Not knowing anything is wrong until your brakes fail and need to be replaced?

You’d take the first option every time.

Ongoing inspections and tune-ups can spot small issues well before they become big problems requiring emergency furnace repairs.

If you:

  • Hear strange noises coming from your furnace
  • Don’t feel like it’s working as it should

The sooner you get a ClimateCare technician to come look at it, the better.

“In accordance with our annual (WeCare) maintenance agreement, Gary did a thorough inspection of our 13 year old gas furnace and discovered leaks in the heat exchanger. He informed us and immediately took the necessary steps to correct the situation. A tremendously conscientious and competent heating rep.” – Allan K.

Indoor air qualityCleaner air to breathe

Your furnace is designed to circulate warm air throughout your house.

However, if the pollutants described in the first section of this blog haven’t been properly dealt with, they’ll be circulating right along with it.

As a result, you’ll end up breathing in harmful dust and dangerous mold (and not even be aware of it).

Regular maintenance gives your furnace a good cleaning. A by-product of that is the air in your home will be cleaner too.

If you or anyone in your home suffers from allergies or breathing issues, you’ll notice a substantial, long-term difference with regular furnace maintenance.

“The recent cleaning of our gas furnace (was done) by Derek.  Very accommodating to our questions. Didn’t rush. Made sure he had done the best job. Felt very confident that our furnace is working in optimum condition.” – Sylvia R.

Get more value from your furnace

Let’s think about your car again.

You know it won’t last forever, but you take steps to ensure it runs smoothly and safely for as long as possible:

  • Oil changes
  • Tire rotations
  • Brake inspections
  • Engine belt replacements

By extending its lifespan with regular tune-ups, you get more value from your car.

The same philosophy applies to your furnace.

As impressive as they are, modern furnaces just don’t last forever.

Ongoing maintenance ensures you don’t need to replace your furnace before its time.

It also prevents you from throwing money away with pricey and unnecessary/easily avoided repairs.

“I made the best deal of my life. The people and the work are worth more than the five stars I can give them. The maintenance and protection plan is the best I have ever got.” – Jim R.

Peace of mind childComplete peace of mind

Your furnace is usually one of those things you don’t really think about on a regular basis.

That is, until something goes wrong and you’re put into a sudden position of deciding whether furnace repair or replacement is the way to go.

With regular furnace maintenance, the following chores get crossed off your to-do list:

By letting us handle your furnace care, you’ll have more time (and less worry) to focus on what’s truly important to you.

“Another smooth service appointment. Great “peace of mind” knowing my needs are being taken care of BEFORE something breaks!” – Reinhard P.

Contact us to set up your scheduled furnace maintenance

As you can see, there aren’t any negatives to having Comfort Plus ClimateCare handle your furnace maintenance with winter just around the corner.

Additionally, WeCare Maintenance keeps your furnace in tip-top condition all year long.

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