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Why Families in Brantford Invest in Whole House Humidifiers

Do you have humidifiers at home?

whole house humidifier
It looks nice here, but how practical is a humidifier for every room in the house?

Some families stuff small, ineffective humidifiers into every room. Sometime in November they bring the humidifier squad out of storage and leave one humidifier on the bedside table in each bedroom, filling and turning them on every night.

It eats up a lot of time and leaves the air dry and uncomfortable in other parts of the house, like the kitchen and living room.

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Some households stock every room with a humidifier, eating up valuable shelf real estate and tearing into the aesthetic of the space. That takes even more work, but does maintain a comfortable humidity in the house.

Both of these options are unnecessary drains on your time and wallet.

A few days after installing a whole house humidifier and experiencing its benefits, homeowners curse themselves for not investing sooner.

Read on to see why a humidifier is important, and a whole house humidifier is the only way to go.

Why humidity is your friend.

whole house humidifiers
There’s that comfortable humidity.

There’s a reason life in the desert is sparse and the rainforest is teeming. Humidity is more conducive to life.

Plants in humid environments are more vigorous. They scrub the air more efficiently and display better overall health. This is as true for the plants in your home as it is for the kapok tree in the Amazon.

The plants help filter contaminants out of the air at home, keeping your family healthy. Humidity in the air also helps with that.

Low relative humidity makes your body more susceptible to cold and flu viruses.

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We also sleep better when humidity is balanced. The humidity helps keep your nasal passages clear and healthy. It also helps take care of your sinuses. Humidity reduces the possibility of infection by keeping our mucous membranes moist and allowing the hairs in the sinus to trap and expel things that aren’t supposed to be there.

Humidity also keeps your skin from cracking (well, it contributes to softer skin. You probably still have to use a moisturizer in the winter).

How about we save you a bit of money too?

One of the most compelling benefits of a whole house humidifier is the reduction of heating bills.

Moist air carries heat differently, so humid air feels warmer than dry air at the exact same temperatu

Save money on heating
Maybe not quite that much, though.

re. A good humidifier (and don’t worry, we can help you decide which humidifier to buy to fit with the size of your house) will allow you to run the furnace at a lower temperature all winter.

For every degree you heat your house, you can add 4% to your energy bill. So for every degree you take away from your current thermostat setting, your bill reduces by 4%. That can account for a few hundred dollars in savings across the winter.

Want to know which humidifier to buy?

A whole house humidifier will keep the humidity even across your whole house.

It requires less maintenance and less daily work than your current solution (if you move around a bunch of smaller units). You can even sign up for a maintenance plan so we take care of it and you can rest easy knowing your family, home and wallet are in good hands.

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