WeCare Maintenance Plans and Protection Plans for Your Heat Pump

If you are worried about how your new heat pump is going to fare through Ontario’s cold winters and hot summers, invest in a WeCare Maintenance or Protection Plan. It provides comprehensive heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system coverage with all maintenance and repair work performed by professional technicians from your local ClimateCare member. A WeCare HVAC system maintenance or protection plan covers your heat pump and everything else needed to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We’re there for seasonal maintenance and – just in case – on call for emergency repairs.

Heat Pump Maintenance or Protection Plan

Heat pump systems are typically more energy efficient than traditional oil and gas furnaces. Whether you are using an energy efficient heat pump in conjunction with your main furnace or with a geothermal heat pump for sustainable, low cost heating and cooling, a WeCare Maintenance or Protection Plan will keep your system operating at its best. Routine system maintenance is a sure way to avoid future repairs, reduce energy waste and keep your utility bills low. Comfort Plus ClimateCare will keep up with all the regular maintenance on your heat pump and HVAC system, including:

  • Filter cleaning and replacement.
  • Condensing coil and fin cleaning.
  • Fan lubrication and cleaning.
  • Complete system inspection.
  • All in all a 22 point heat pump maintenance checklist is performed.
  • Plus a discount off regular labour rates if repairs are ever required.

While some HVAC maintenance tasks are fairly straightforward, many are beyond the experience level of the average home owner. There is value in having local, professional technicians do the work for you. We will make sure everything is done right, and done when it should be.

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A WeCare Protection Plus Plan Covers Heat Pump Maintenance Costs

Protection for your geothermal or high efficiency heat pump falls within your WeCare Protection Plus Plan. These plans include:

  • Standard parts and labour.
  • No upcharge for after-hours service.
  • Licensed professional technicians.
  • Priority appointments.

Call us today and find out about a heat pump maintenance or protection plan for you and your home. We are your HVAC personal climate experts.

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