4 Reasons to Book Fall Furnace Maintenance

Fall is in full swing and winter is just a few weeks out. It’s a little chilly now, but eventually it’s going to get REALLY cold.

That means you should book furnace maintenance from Comfort Plus ClimateCare.

In fact, the earlier you can get it done, the better shape your furnace will be to handle the worst of Old Man Winter.

Read on to find out what we’ll do and why it’s important.

Changing the furnace filter for fall

WHAT: Replace the furnace filter

WHY: Save money and breathe easier

Over time, the following contaminants get trapped on or in your furnace filters:

  • Dirt.
  • Debris.
  • Pollen.
  • Dust.
  • Pet dander.
  • Insect remains.

Come winter, your home heating system will need to work much harder than it should to deliver warm air throughout the home.

That can raise your monthly hydro bills while shortening the lifespan of your furnace in the process.

Additionally, a dirty furnace filter negatively impacts your indoor air quality.

Those pollutants listed above? They’ll hitch a ride with the warm air traveling through your home. Eventually, they’ll end up in your lungs and on various surfaces (like countertops, tables, and furniture).

Furnace burners

WHAT: Cleaning and inspection

WHY: Keep your family safe all winter long

Even if you’ve been using your furnace sporadically so far, it’s possible that other areas of your furnace are dirty and/or require inspection and replacement/furnace repairs if necessary:

  • Burners: Your burners won’t ignite on demand. In fact, if they make a banging sound, that means excess gas is exploding, which is as dangerous as it sounds.
  • Gas lines: Even the tiniest gas line leak is potentially catastrophic, especially if a flame (such as from a candle) is lit in a room that’s full of natural gas.
  • Air ducts: Duct cleaning and inspection gets rid of any contaminants lurking in there. It also spots leaks/holes where hot air can escape and helps seal them up.
  • Electrical inspection: Your furnace is full of electrical components which must be perfectly aligned. Anything that’s out of sync of malfunctioning impacts its safety and effectiveness.

3 Furnace Concerns

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WHAT: Thermostat check-up

WHY: Improve furnace efficiency

When looking to increase or decrease the heat in your home, you head over to the thermostat.

And if you have an older, programmable thermostat, the smallest issue can negatively impact things like:

  • How effortlessly it switches from one more to another.
  • Is there a delay in temperature change or does it happen instantly?
  • Temperature accuracy.
  • Battery lifespan.

If it’s discovered that your current thermostat is reaching the end of the line, your Comfort Plus ClimateCare technician may recommend an ecobee Smart Thermostat.

If you aren’t familiar, smart thermostats help reduce energy usage and bills by “learning” your family’s habits and adjusting accordingly.

For example:

  • Cut down on energy consumption when the house is empty.
  • Providing monthly energy reports and recommendations on how you can use and spend less.
  • Wi-Fi enabled so you can adjust the temperature from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet.

WHAT: Exterior flue check

WHY: Eliminates harmful gases

Do you remember the last time you took a peek inside your furnace exhaust flue?

It’s something many Brantford, Cambridge, Hamilton, and surrounding area homeowners neglect or forget about.

But inside that flue are things like:

  • Animal nests.
  • Leaves.
  • Branches.
  • Gunk.

The more clogged your outdoor furnace flue it, the harder it us for gases such as carbon monoxide and methane to safely exit your home.

Your outside furnace flue is an integral part of your home’s ventilation system.

So it’s incredibly important for it to be thoroughly inspected and cleaned.

Keep your family safe and warm this winter

Fall furnace maintenance goes a long way towards ensuring your family’s safety and warmth on the coldest winter nights.

Plus you’ll give yourself total peace of mind knowing that it’s done.

Get it done sooner rather than later. Schedule your fall service maintenance visit today or contact us with any questions or comments you have.

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